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adidas Tubular Shoes for Men

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£44 - £45

The adidas Tubular shoes for men is classic, sassy and ageless

When we talk about the adidas Tubular series, we’re referring to an emblematic shoe that redefined street style since its inception. The adidas Tubular shoes for men are considered a feat of modern footwear engineering. Shoes that epitomize lifestyle sportswear with their unique shape, crisp detailing and comfortable fit. Enjoy the lightweight EVA midsole and lace closure for a shoe that’s as special as its details. Outfits have never been more multi-dimensional and diverse. The Tubular brought its own design and aesthetic revolution, creating a shoe you can trust and can’t wait to put on any chance you get.

We live in a sneaker world and the Tubular is running it

It’s safe to say that we live in an era where the sneaker is king. Even dinner parties and formal attire have yielded and bowed down to the almighty sneaker. The adidas Tubular shoes for men range is the definition of a sneaker that has brought about this fashion riot. A sneaker that stands out amongst the sea of sneakers that are available today, this is a shoe that caters for the man who wants convenience and style points. Rest assured that this shoe will endure and serve your feet for years and years on end, never losing value in the sneaker stock exchange. You’re in the presence of a true sneaker icon and you owe it to yourself to own one.

Wear it every chance you get

This is the kind of shoe you’ll only take off when you get into bed at night. This is not hyperbole on our part, it is merely the results of creating a shoe that feels as light and comfortable as this one. The only heavy thing about the adidas Tubular shoes for men is their name and legacy. Wear them from the moment you wake up and treat your feet to a day of pillowy and feathery feelings. The Tubular is the sneaker that’ll make you rethink all the things you thought you knew about sneakers.