What happens to my Gift Card if I return my online order, or part of it, or if my order is cancelled?

Last updated: 04/12/2018

If you cancel your order within 15 minutes, the amount on the Gift Card gets reset, amounting to the same value before the order. This means the same Gift Card can be used for the next purchase.

After the aforementioned 15 minutes, if you have only paid with a Gift Card and the order is partially or fully canceled or returned, you will receive a new Gift Card topped up with the corresponding amount via email.

If you have used another payment method together with your Gift Card, refunds will first be made to the other payment method. When the correct amount has been returned to this payment method, at this point you will receive a new Gift Card topped up with the remaining balance, corresponding to the value of the items canceled or returned.


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Where is my order?

Log in or enter your order details in the order tracker to see your order overview. From there, you can cancel items, track the delivery status or arrange an exchange or a return.

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