Can I exchange my product(s)?

Last updated: 01/02/2019
Items purchased from the adidas online shop
We are currently not able to offer exchanges for items purchased from our online shop. If you'd like a different colour or size, then the best thing to do is to return your unwanted item(s) to us for a refund and place a new order. Returns usually take 3 - 4 days to reach our warehouse in Germany. We'll then process your return in 24 - 48 hours and initiate a refund to your selected payment method.

Items reserved via Click & Collect to pick up in an adidas store
If you reserved your items online and chose to pick them up at a store, then you can exchange the product for something else that we have in stock at the moment you come to collect it. You can also choose not to pick up the products, in which case the product reservation will be cancelled.

Items purchased at an adidas retail store
We accept returns and exchanges from the same store. In addition, we accept returns if you purchased the item in any other own retail store in the same country. Please bring your receipt with you, and make sure you’re returning your item(s) within 30 days (or 14 days for hype products such as YEEZY) of purchase. 

Items ordered in an adidas store to be delivered to your home
If you place an order online within our store, we class this as an online order as we ship the order from our warehouse in Germany. We therefore ask you to return the order to us using the label provided within the box. Our return instructions are here.

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